A dog trapped in a toucan's body

Is that what the slim Jim jingle really says?! This just might be slip up that proves there's people ground up in those little processed tubes

People who may or may not have decided to be rats and tell on the bank which owns the nation which claims the terrain which is home to the flora/fauna which gave rise to the people in the super secret mondo mafia which currently presides over a medium sized tract of land on which stands the slim Jim corporate manufacturing plant; which I can assure you, is an establishment of the highest moral rigor and has only peaceful pursuits

Yes I changed roles mid thought-stream, and all for one reason - for YOU, dear reader! Now we've gone meta, yowza!

Just kidding, I did it for me It's my dream to someday simultaneously be a detective and a gangster who is an overly precise describer of set and scenery and has a firm grasp on the Hindu technique of poetic recitation known as chumdas Boy am I gonna get so famous catching myself repeatedly for the bounty I just might be going all the way up the ziggurat, lickety split

Just kidding. (Baphomet told me to climb down into the Grand Canyon and into the old home of humanity, to a place called The key is 21 There is work to be done there for the vessel I inhabit) Goodbye and Hello to all jivatman

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