Dogecoin Foundation on Twitter: "@CoinSwapNet We request that you delist #Dogecoin. We feel that an association with #GAW does not serve the shibe community."

Honestly, a simple apology won't cut it at this point, it's literally a massive boycot you have launched here. I'm sure if you all turn out to be wrong lawsuits will follow, and in my honest opnion they should. There are far too many people shouting scam without any proof.

I can agree with you that I don't condone going back on posts, altho I must say there is a misunderstanding about this as well on reddit. At first gawceo indeed stated we will buy all paycoins at 20$ but HOURS later (not now (days later) as you are all trying to make it seem) he edited that post and said we will manage a 20$ floor.

Look did they overpromise and underdeliver, definitely.

What history do you mean? Owning patents? Starting succesfull companies? Oh an ebay dispute... Yeah, I mean I don't know what to make of that.

What recent events? Underdelivering? Yes true. Did they ever not pay out? No, did still people made a profit at paycoin even at current low prices? Yes, all customers still did.

Honestly gaw is already answering questions on their own forums which you can read here:

You can also feel free to read the paycoin whitepaper, which will explain the high staking % adresses, which was all made clear weeks and weeks ago.

Honestly , truly honestly, I'm just a normal dude, so saddened by this turn of events, I hold litecoins, dogecoins, and yes paycoins, also btc, and I'm just not convinced of the scam, yet now we are branding a company scam to even newer users, its okay to argue caution perhaps. But this is just straight up slander and defamation without any real grounds.

Sure there are doubtable practices, but if you are involved in cloud mining you know there are far more shadier companies than GAW and GAW is actually one of the most transparent (imo).

Look at PBmining, LTCgear, hashie, Zeushash .... and compare those to GAW than come back here and tell me honestly that GAW is more sketchy than these. (It's simply not true, which is why these angry gaw is scam posts look even more absurd to me).

Btw, here is a link that might interest you, GAW hired some WSJ guys to come take a look and verify some things to answer the GAW haters and trolls. It worked great, untill paycoin wasn't 20$ and now it's just getting out of hand. I admit paycoin not being 20$ is a promise that's broken. But I'm also smart enough to know that given the huge amount of negativity towards gaw (and UNSUBSTANTIATED claims of scam) the market cannot be held at 20$ at this time.

Please, all I ask is shibes remain easy going and stay out of this mud slinging. And that we can keep discussing everything openly here without incredible prejudice.

But at BCT I have been scammed multiple times literally by coins promoted there, bitbay anyone? On top of that I'm getting called a shill shouted out and told to fuck off as soon as I say but guys this is not proof of scam per se, it's not like-able, it's not 100% correct, but it does not imply scam at all. Same for on /r bitcoin. I just hate to see it happen on /r doge man.

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