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Desire is a very subjective word. As any individual can have a desire for any one thing. Entertainment, at it's core, is not subjective. Something may not be fun but it can still be entertaining. Entertaining the mind. Anything that keeps you from being idle and left to your own thoughts alongside solitude is entertainment. There is a reason why solitary confinement was condemned as being inhumane. You may not enjoy work and that's fine as it's not the point. However, it is keeping your mind busy or "amused" and is thus "entertainment". Work keeps your mind busy. Survival does too. As society has advances we lose many of those so we set self-imposed goals like sex, marriage, having kids, obtaining more materials, gaining fame, friends etc. but all of it is a distraction. A form of entertainment. You may not like it but it keeps your mind occupied. It keeps you from thinking about the inevitable and contemplating things that can not be answered. Things that only lead your mind down a rabbit hole.

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