Doing decent at a new job as a new graduate but this subreddit makes me feels concerned.

Learning new or existing technologies and languages is easy.

Learning the math, theory, and concept behind them is harder.

Guess which one college teaches more of? At some point, as you develop new things that no one else has ever done, you'll be more applying abstract theories. Often, you'll have to debate/argue/discuss with other developers and often it boils down to design and theory.

I'm trying to focus on what is going to make me a better dev, should I be focusing on learning more about tech I actually use or fundamentals first... which I can't see myself using day to day but probably good senior engineers understand deeply?

I try to balance both. At work, I try to learn the tech that we actually use, but outside of work, I try to learn the fundamentals like the mathematics, algorithms, design, and academic journals behind the tech we use.

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