Doing DMT is fine and all

Just remembered something from a little house party once. There's this guy there with red long straight hair. Trimmed thick red beard and circle shaped glasses, like Harry potter. His clothes are all very bright like white and beige. People there call him Jesus.

He and some other guys gets way to drunk. And he gets a bit rambly like drunk people are. A chubby hillbilly looking dude with a metal t-shirt comes along with some homemade liqour that his friend made and I could tell he thinks it's awesome. They're talking about music and the conversation rapidly deteriorates into which bands are best and Jesus is insisting that nothing in the whole world is better than Pink Floyd !! And then they start talking about alcohol and Jesus thinks homemade liquor is nasty and can't believe anyone drinks that shit. Hillbilly dude is trying to be nice and is defending his homemade liqour in a friendly way. Then Jesus suddenly shouts out "Have you done acid???"

I don't know the guy really, but I remember cringing a bit there. Hope he's not like that sober.

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