Doing one [cam] or [sext] this evening! Let me know if you wanna try and catch me!

Quinn here! More of me on r/quadseven to make up your mind!

About: I have an intense fascination with the male orgasm over the past couple years and it led to this, pretty much. I like watching, hearing, imagining, helping.

CAM: HD with a Logitech C930. (Record the session! +$20)

Vanilla/Mutual - $4/min Strip me out of my clothes or choice outfit/lingerie for a small fee. Paddle, Vibe to cum with in 10min shows and a dildo for 15min+. Some toys a bit extra like Lush or plug.

Fetish/RP - $5/min - 18+ only RPs fall under this tier.

Submissive - $6/min Includes choice outfit type or lingerie and a dildo. Tell me what to do. Name calling on both ends is fine!

KIK/Telegram: All live, unlimited pics/vids, and I tend to be vid heavy with a supplement of sexy chat to keep a nice flow.

Vanilla/Mutual - $2/min

Fetish - $2.5/min


Rule/Terms: I send the request. If you send me any money, especially when circumventing a request, that is now a tip. No session, no premades, no packages - Nothing. Thank you for the sheets and tupperware.



Cash App

Giftrocket - 3 day clearance wait, best used to prepay, discuss, and schedule

Amazon +15%

BTC +$5

The last two have been known to have delays in which I do wait for a full clear. Have had to reschedule.

If you have any other questions, definitely send me a message!

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