The DoJ today indicted a number of Oath Keepers members for seditious conspiracy. What is the history of this law and its use?

You also haven’t seen their evidence, to be fair.

I helped the DOJ prosecute a criminal antitrust case while in law school. The public didn’t have our evidence before the trial — even then, much of it was admitted into evidence under seal. The public didn’t have the cooperating co-conspirator’s witness statement that helped pinpoint the moment the conspiracy was formed until trial — the defense didn’t even have that until discovery or until Brady/Giglio material was obligated to be turned over.

What I’m saying is: you and I don’t need to be able to pinpoint the exact moment the parties entered into an agreement or the moment the overt act was performed (e.g., conspiracy formed). The evidence has to be able to do that. We don’t have access to the evidence but the DOJ does.

The DOJ doesn’t mess around with criminal cases. Their conviction rate is remarkably high. They either have very, very damning evidence or far they faced extreme political pressure to bring this case (which imho is far less likely).

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