Don Rickles Dead at 90

Real shame, he was a funny guy but his passing led to an interesting story. I was talking to one of the older teachers at my school and he told that he was rather fond of him because he met him. My teacher was working at a casino at the time and for some reason Don Rickles always came through the bar section in the back rather than the conventional way. He noticed my teacher there was taking inventory on all the alcohol. Don said to him, "hey what's the jewish accountant doing watching all the booze?", now my teacher actually being jewish (he now teaches US history and especially the holocaust) said "how'd you know I was jewish?" and Don replied with "I could tell from your snoz." to which they laughed. Also according to him afterwards he went on to have a 10 minute spiel (either on stage or to other employees I'm not sure) and kept asking why the jewish accountant was in the back with the booze. After that he was always fond of Don Rickles. I just thought it was an interesting story to share about a funny man. RIP

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