don’t do it

I’m on this sub because I’m trying to get more suicidal to fucking kill myself. Things won’t get better because I don’t want them to, nothing can, and because I hate everything and everyone. The feeling of existing is abhorrent and whenever I look at people and myself I feel like vomiting. We need less humans on this fucked up planet anyway. I can’t wait to squirt blood out of my wrists and laugh while I’m doing that. And how do I only get one life? If I was born into shitty existence one time I’m sure I can be brought into existence again as some shitty creature or something. Don’t even try to reply because I will just have a negative comeback. I am unhelpable now and I’m glad. Myself from 1 year ago would’ve totally found this post heart warming but I find it terrible because it’s telling me to live.

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