I don’t believe in Crystal healing, but my colleague who knows how much I struggle with depression bought me this because she said it helps with depression. The thought was so kind and sweet (and it really is such a pretty and unique little stone). It made me really happy.

This is really similar to how I got into magic in the first place. I too am skeptical and agnostic (used to call myself atheist but not anymore), but I know there are things we don't yet understand, a big one being the placebo effect & the power of our minds.

About 9 months ago or so I was nearly abducted while hanging out by my apartment's dog park, a little drunk. He got me into his truck and was driving onto the interstate out of town when I managed to get my phone, then I punched him and ran his truck off the road. I was able to get away but he knows where I live and what my car looks like so I was really scared for a while. Also got some weird note on my car about a week after it happened.

I've always been interested in various mythologies because it's super interesting, and already celebrated Pagan holidays rather than Christian ones, etc. But never believed in "magic". But I needed something, anything to make me feel less powerless. I bought some books, set up a little altar, did a few protection rituals, made myself a talisman to wear around my neck, etc. And it's been an incredible journey. I really don't know if I could have gotten through it like I did on my own. And now I have several new hobbies/interests that all stemmed from witchcraft (pyrography for example) which are always nice to have! I've heard witchcraft described as "spicy psychology" and thought it fit very well!

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