Don’t call the Chicago police for this?

DV situation. Did everything the police told me to go do. Everything checked out in my testimony except for a couple things…all relating to CPD . Because an officer didn’t “see bruising” and decided to add his opinion to the report, even though all my huge injuries were under my clothes and they didn’t even bother to verify nor come down to see from high desks, there was doubt. Even though the cops told me they didn’t have the right camera so they couldn’t take pictures at the station because it had to be a physical picture and told me they couldn’t really help me retrieve my things but directed me in contacting my abuser to discuss my belongings, literally had me running around like a chicken in my distraught state, these things were used against me that were literally due to the incompetence of the cops. Safe to say the police failed me at every step and their errors hurt my case because they would rather shift blame than admit that there was serious mishandling throughout my whole case. I could keep going on but I’m still in the stages of rage/hate/nausea with CPD and the mess we call the Chicago legal system.

I know I can attest that there are some good ones…I’ve met some gems…but all I can say is don’t have too much faith in CPD. Sometimes I feel like if it’s something that can’t easily be solved, most CPD act like it’s too much of a hassle and you’re bothering them.

On the other hand, I hope OP enjoyed the trip - Boystown is always bustling. I’m sorry for your unfortunate interaction. As someone from here, I’d like to encourage you not to shy from 911 - since handling other situation is too much of a hassle for them I think incidents like OP’s is the least they can do.

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