Don’t have enough to pay my rent, should I let myself get evicted or terminate the lease?

 So I’ve been living in my apartment in Texas for about 7 months.  It’s a great community and I love it. But it’s expensive. I was able to afford it at the beginning of my lease, but some things have come up that have left me scrambling to pay my rent the past couple of months. Last month, I was five days late on rent, so there’s the late fees for that, which I haven’t paid because I’m unable to, and now I’m late on this month’s rent which I don’t even have enough for the base amount due, let alone the fees. Nobody has contacted me about eviction in any way whatsoever, but I’m just waiting for it to come any day now. I don’t know the laws or process when it comes to how eviction works, I’ve never had to deal with it because I’ve always been pretty good about paying everything on time. But this year has been different. I’ve had to sell some of my stuff to make rent and I did not like that. But that’s beside the point. I know that I have the option to terminate my lease at any time without any repercussions. It won’t go on my credit report and won’t affect me in the future when I try to rent/buy. But I will have to give a 60 day notice and also pay ~$2200 within 3 days of moving out. The thing is, I don’t know if I’d be able to pay that amount within that time frame. Maybe most of it, but definitely not all of it.
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