Why don’t we flex our success enough?

Desi-Americans are modern day Eunechs.

In Ancient empires Eunichs would often have cushiony administrative jobs. They were accountants, overseers, etc.

In the Modern age , men of all races, are being chemically feminized with BPA and estrogenic toxins in our water supply and food. Desis further castrate themselves by their culture that doesnt empathize sports, or masculinity. This culture also encourages their children to be vitamin D deficcient (a building block for testosterone) by avoiding sunlight(colorism bullsht), and a bunch of other compounding issues decreasing the testosterone of desi boys.

In short Desi Men are the modern day Euneuchs of the west. They are Eunuchs without actually being physically made into Euneuchs. They are chemically and culturally conditioned into the status of a Eunuch.

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