I don’t hate it when people lie to me about stories

I had a friend like this. One night we were just hanging out, watching a movie. His phone started vibrating, alerting him of a phone call. Someone was trying to reach him. So he answers. Other than, having tibstrain to hear the movie, I thought nothing off it. He then started saying stuff like "No, babe , not tonight. I'm tired" ..."I know. I had fun too. Why did you think I'm tired..." Just fucking playing up this casanova character. Women lusting after him. So hes sitting behind me, on his bed, while I'm slumped in a chair with ottoman. As hes continues this lithario role, he mustve tried switching positions, accidentally hitting speakerphone in the process. All I hear next is: PRESS 6 TO TAKE YOU BACK TO THE MAIN MENU. For 1 second I was thinking WTF and realized what just happened. He was faking the entire call. There was no girl wanting his body. Who does that?!. I'm glad he couldn't see my face. I cringed so hard. I never said anything though but it does reveal a lot.

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