I don’t want to give head but I feel like I have to in order to be loved

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA No. Absolutely not. Stop it. Find someone who doesn't expect it.

It is indeed gross and I have not done it for a long time. With women or men. They usually don't shower first so it's extra nasty; I don't want to be in someone's crotch area. If you shower first and ask nicely, I'll be willing. But otherwise hell no. Another thing, for me at least, they expect a blow job or to be eaten out, and then they don't reciprocate. I can't tell you how many guys/girls I blew for a few minutes, stopped and expected other things to happen, and they were like "nah this is all I wanted to do". I have gotten up and walked out a few times.

You need to evaluate your worth and date accordingly. Don't do stuff just because guys expect it from you.

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