I don’t get how Limbo works.

why people dislike him:

a) his rift is very visually obnoxious

b) if you dont understand his skills (a lot of players dont) his skills can stop you from being able to do any damage.

in very basic terms how he works is he controls the rift dimensions (black eye cancer zone).

enemies cant shoot into the rift and you cant damage outside the rift.

if its the rift on the ground you can walk out of it, if the rift is on you then just shift roll and it will take you out of the rift.

lol before i understood limbo's abilities when i played him if i was ever put into the rift id just walk over to a corner and afk until the rift duration ended.

i like limbo now but i only ever play him solo, and still dont like playing with limbo's because of how visual his skills are and how large aoe a lot of them run

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