Don’t Let Them Keep Your Baby!

Yup my husband left the hospital after I got transferred to my room after birth. I wanted him to come alone the next morning so the 3 of us could bond, but he brought his parents and brother instead and left shortly after them so I was alone with a baby that felt foreign to me running on no sleep for 30 hours. when I got home from the hospital, my in laws surprised me by putting balloons and all that jazz around the house. It was very nice of them but I had to clean it up. Then they stayed for 2 hours when all I wanted was to sit quietly with my baby and my husband and begin adjusting. Then my husband made us go to their house as soon as they left. He made me go there 4 days in the first week, and we spent hours there. My breastfeeding journey began horribly as I was very uncomfortable from the rawness and had nowhere comfortable to nurse him, so he got supplemented with formula while we were there. My MIL or SIL would always take him from me to feed him themselves. They would come over whenever they wanted and there were times they even showed up unannounced. And though I stated my displeasure to my husband about most of this, I never said no and stood my ground. I didn't stand up for my baby or myself. But that will never ever happen again. I think about this all the time and I know it's my fault for not standing up for us, but I cant help but feel so much resentment and hurt that my husband uncaringly put me in these positions.

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