I don’t think it’s fair that Trent Alexander Arnold was invited to the Pride Of Britain Awards and nominated for Golden Boy when this is how he was acting whilst in Russia playing for England

I have nothing against him being into pregnant chicks, as fetishes go that’s pretty tame.

This is a bloke being contacted by the wife of a huge fan of his, who responds by trying to fuck the fan’s pregnant wife and shows no interest in doing anything else.

That’s predatory, and while as I stated only about a thousand times not comparable on level to Weinstein and friends, is indicative of the culture of celebrity abuse.

He’s attempting to use the power he has over someone who idolises him, and saying that what he’s done is acceptable after everything that’s come out in the media recently honestly boggles my mind.

Anyways I haven’t got anything to say, I’m no authority on sexual abuse it’s just my opinion and you’ve no obligation to agree.

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