I don’t seem to recall that part of the verse.

If you don't believe there is, then that's okay for your life but Christianity is one of the large, well-known religions worldwide and there are many people who believe differently than you and that's okay for their lives.

Let me just point out that you're making a logical fallacy of your own with this statement. Argumentum ad populum, making a claim that large numbers of adherents somehow lends credence to a belief or practice.

But that aside, you're either mischaracterizing or misunderstanding what I was saying I think, because I'm not talking about a "belief". I'm talking about an objective and critical reading of the Bible and its very real, undeniable, irreconcilable inconsistencies. There is no internal logical consistency, even ignoring the ridiculousness of its claims, which is precisely why it is so easy to cherry pick writings to support literally anything you want.

Not dissimilar to what you seem to be doing here by suggesting you can somehow isolate the New Testament in a vacuum and remove it from the context of the entire history and belief structure of Judaism that it grew out off. We can ignore for now the amusing fact that even in a vacuum the New Testament has plenty of inconsistencies and morally questionable musings. Even the Gospels are logically inconsistent, they literally make claims of historical facts that are directly at odds with historical claims in the other gospels.

The most glaring question to your attempt to handwave away the rest of the Bible would seem to be, on what basis does anyone claim the divinity of Jesus and veracity of New Testament claims if not through the supposed fulfillment of Jewish prophecy contained in the Old Testament? How do you get to Jesus the Christ without first accepting Yahweh the father and the line of David and yada, yada, yada. Was the Jesus character not himself a Jew who would have held all of those texts as sacred and unerring truth? How can you toss out the whole insane and violent narrative ramblings that came before and simultaneously still claim it all to be true to justify your belief in the later texts?

And if you do accept the veracity of those earlier texts, then how do you reconcile an eternal, perfect, unchanging being while simultaneously suggesting that it has clearly had some massive personality overhauls over the centuries. Which just so happen to coincide pretty smoothly with evolving societal views on morality and justice throughout those periods of changing behavior.

It is a completely illogical belief system, as it is based on logically inconsistent and incoherent source material. This is not a "belief" claim of its own, this is an objective, factual statement which will be recognizable to anyone with the most basic of critical reading and thinking skills, presuming they have the intellectual honesty to accept it.

And just for fun, I'll leave you with this gem of perfect moral wisdom from your amazing New Testament.

Ephesians "Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ."

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