Don’t touch him, a**hole

Wow, you scream “I have a GED”. Absolutely zero self-awareness. Get upset because I “attacked” your shitty job with your shitty pay, and then immediately try to attack me for even stupider things. No self-awareness on this moron.

And also you seem to have absolutely zero grasp on legal proceedings, or how the world works outside of wrestling. Let me tell you one thing the judge will never say... “Well yeah you assaulted the man from behind, but he had cancer several years ago, and I’m a big fan of Brett Hart, so charges dropped, not guilty!”

Honestly, at first I figured you were just some high school retard. But now I see you only have the education of a high school retard. And you’re a grown adult that is just flat out stupid. How embarrassing for you, and everyone who knows it. The only people I feel worse for is your parents, who must be so disappointed to have you.

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