I don’t understand why a non-German would be so defensive about atrocities committed by Germany in ww2

Hallo. Very true about the far right and the need to defend the actions of the Nazis. Although I always found it strange that anti-immigrant parties always end up admiring Nazis or having many Nazi sympathising members. I don’t understand it really. Why can’t one simply be against immigration simply because it is too difficult to take everyone in the world in? It’s just not possible and it’s not a practical solution for solving world poverty. However, one doesn’t have to turn murderous and Nazi about it. Yet so many of these anti-immigrant parties always end up admiring the Nazis. I think most people would be okay with a party that was anti-immigration so long as it wasn’t hateful and constantly condemned Nazism and stated that their anti-immigrant sentiment isn’t racial but more due to the difficulty in taking large numbers of immigrants every year. But sadly they always end up turning into Nazi sympathisers at the end of the day. I think the far-right is the biggest reason why Europe is unable to solve issues it has with immigration.

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