Don’t worry guys, help is on the way

Fuck you dipshit she is a fucking evil cunt and I am tired of these retards in the theaters not realizing how evil she actually is. Literally in Endgame she crashes through thanoss ship and destroys it but she is actually the real villain of the movie and all the fucking cupcakes on Twitter don’t know that they are too dumb to realize what they are watching on screen is fucking bitch mascarading as a “strong female protagonist” with the Avengers. It’s not even that she is a broken character that can solve any problem by flying through a spaceship and has no personality or charisma, the problem is that she is a evil cunt and is destroying the marvel universe fundamentally more and more every movie she is in. And there is no good in a deusex machina in a new movie like she has only been in one movie before this so why is she even in Endgame what the fuck. So shut the fuck up about your “strong woman” and “perfect princess” you fragile little snoflake and lose your virginity sometime asshole.

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