Donald Trump Has Compromised Every Major Investigation Into Alleged Russian Interference: Comey, fired. Nunes, recused. Burr, compromised. There’s a pattern here.

All they do is go against him and try to find stuff to make him look bad. That is their only political strategy. That is why they lost.

I'm absolutely no fan of the democrats, but to be honest I only see that behavior coming from Republicans. Everything Obama did they hated because it played well with their constituency. If they were really so terribly concerned about Obamacare, for example, why did it appear no one had a clue much less a plan? They literally slapped something together as fast as possible and started jamming it through Capitol Hill.

The timing of firing Comey isn't good. Obviously firing him doesn't just stop an investigation. It sure would send a message and depending on how involved he was it certainly didn't help the investigation. Let's say the Democrats are only pushing this investigation for petty political purposes. It's possible. Why not just let them burn themselves out? Because the alternative is Trump doing things that can very objectively be viewed as suspicious. Like firing the head of the FBI in the middle of an investigation.

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