Donald Trump indicted over hush money payments in Stormy Daniels probe


Now hopefully grand juries will also charge Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Joe Biden with crimes. I’ll give Jimmy Carter a break-he’s in hospice and is a very nice guy. I’m amazed people forget. The Bush Administration. Rumsfeld, Cheney, all of those guys. Starting a war on a lie is a whole universe of bad in comparison to paying off a porn star. Nobody cares about bush anymore.

Of all the things they were trying to get him on, hush money to Stormy Daniels is what stuck? Bunch of fucking clowns. I’m not even a supporter either. In 2018, Stormy Daniels said she never had an affair with Trump. In fact, she said it was made up to get money.

Stormy lost her lawsuit against Trump and was ordered to pay him $300,000 for legal fees, and her creepy porn lawyer was sentenced to 14 years in prison. But who knows but it dosent make sense.

Whatever. He does bad shit all the time, is a terrible person, and a cheat. This has been going on for ages and isn’t “timely” to the fact he might run again. I’m quite happy he finally got into some legal trouble.

Gives me hope we can put the fear of god into other politicians who are shady and maybe set the precedent that they can be tried/indicted. There’s a lot of politicians I’d like to see wrapped up in the legal system and exposed, Democrat and Republican alike.

But I'm afraid that they still don't care

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