Donald Trump Jr. tests positive for COVID-19

I can say without regret that I would not be sad seeing some of my coworkers becoming seriously ill, or even dying from this. Most are men I thought were somewhat intelligent, they know their stuff, can solve problems intuitively, clearly not stupid. I feel like i've been scammed. Seeing these people exhibit such abhorrible behavior, refusing to wear masks, worshipping Trump, I almost wish one of them would come down with Covid and infect their families and come to the startling, if not life ending realization that they were fucking wrong. I get ridiculed everywhere for wearing a mask. I've been 100% responsible this entire time, as a young person, keeping them safe, and they all refuse to take ANY precaution. They just bitch about Biden and ALL of them are in the high risk group. Fat, 50+, and who knows what other habits. I'm starting to see clearly that i'm better than them and selling myself short.

I kind of want it to ruin their life so I can say "Told ya so". It's a miracle none of us have caught it yet, but when they do, you can bet your ass i'll have something to say. I have to ride in a vehicle with these people and they refuse to wear a mask.

I hate people right now.

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