Donald Trump Net Approval Rating Has Seen Big Drops In Republican States Over Past Month

Lol uh what does that have to do with me.

Did I say anything about the net cost or benefit to Britain for leaving? No just more lies and creating a persona for me in your eyes that doesn’t really exist.

Lol the last time a bunch of states rarely tried to leave the us there was a civil war. Not saying that is going to happen but all your other stupid examples of them talking about it and backing down ain’t the same as the Eu actually losing Britain.

And it’s not enough imo to compare it to the civil war at this point anyways. But wait and see if more leave now.

Lol well one could think you are implying it because you used the Donald as an example and kept saying I must think the way an American Donald voter must think so maybe stop telling me what I believe.

Lol you are totally obvious to how ironic your last statement is aren’t you?

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