Donald Trump is not the alternative to Senator Sanders, and you need to know why.

There's two votes scenarios for me:

Hillary: Maintain the status quo and continue the slow political decay.

Trump: Gamble on either a very good president who is just full of shit right now to get elected, or a very bad president who probably lasts 4 terms and wakes up both parties and the 1%.

We've been doing the Wall Street money thing for a while. I'm ready to vote for change away from special interests. If a candidate is not taking corporate money, I am placing them a higher priority over other candidates. The long-view on Clinton is terrible.

Here's a list of things the Clinton administration did that I consider particularly odious in long-term effects:

  1. NAFTA
  2. Repeal of Glass-Steagall
  3. Increase in private prison system
  4. Endorsement of Three-Strike Laws
  5. "Welfare Reform" which wound up hitting minorities harder.
  6. Increased Middle East involvement
  7. Increase in the War on Drugs
  8. Market deregulation

The point is not to make the same mistake twice and elect a Clinton into office.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama (!), Clinton... when your presidential lineup looks like the passing of royal names, you might be an oligarchy.

So I can understand how you think it's irrational, but I feel it's based strongly in historical evidence, voting and performance records, and current campaign funding.

Plus Clinton absolutely should be indicted for those emails. I'm not really interested in electing a felon into the Whitehouse.

Clinton is a non-option for me. I'm actually a progressive who is so far anti-Hillary that I'm willing to vote to put the country through a risky Trump presidency (who knows, he could surprise us) than continue to enable those manipulating the status quo.

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