Donald Trump 'to sign orders restricting refugee access and immigration from Muslim countries'

Nice Try Waleed. Jihad of the pen: 9/10

There's five mosques around Dearborn Michigan that is an incubator for ISIL. You can tell where the allegiances are in those mosques by looking at the arrows on the prayer subsections on the red and brown carpet, see how they point in an direction not perpendicular to the walls? They're meant to put the Muslim praying toward Saudi Arabia, specifically Mecca, to symbolize their allegiance to where their primary head of government lives.

There's a Muslim who works at a local supermarket I frequent every day for tasty items since I live right next door to it, the look on his face while smoking his cigarette outside on his break... It was the face of a man who has lost hope. I haven't said anything more than exchanged pleasantries, but I can tell he's gaining weight and depressed as hell. If I could help him ease his transition back to some middle eastern controlled Caliphate I probably would. Half of me feels bad for the guy because he sees the writing on the wall and he can't do a damn thing about it, he appears to prefer this country, but he's also confined to allegiance to Mecca in Saudi Arabia or he'll be killed for defecting, the other half of me feels good about his sorrowful expression, and the moment I get word from Trump, I'll run over and do a citizens arrest and turn him over to the police.

He's right over there in checkout number 9 through 13. You can't miss him, big black beard, wife in a blackout bag, wears a turban when not working. Now might be the time to ask Muslims if they've given their heart to Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. Pastors everywhere better get ready for some melted middle eastern hearts. Deacon's going to be like: uh oh guys, we've got 5 turbans on pew number five, what's the protocol for Muslims?

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