Donald Trump supporters of Reddit, now that the election is over, what do you expect from him in the first year of his term? [Serious]

My three children were born in the 80's while I worked at a low level position (go-fer) for my state's Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan. My oldest son was under a typical plan with deductible then 80% 20% split. We paid for the phone in my wife room with an over night stay. My other two were covered by BCBS's fledgling HMO, $25 co-pay, no over night stay.

Now, I am disabled and have Medicare plus a supplement. My personal care physician no longer accepts Medicare but has worked out a pay as you go for me, so, $40 a visit. As I have watched this drama unfold over the last thirty years, one thing has become clear (though I would need a grant to pay for accumulating the necessary documentation). Ted Kennedy (the Lion of The Senate) wanted nationalized health care in the US for decades. He was in a perfect position to influence and structure and pass legislation which would over time degrade the US's healthcare system to the point National Healthcare would be the only alternative to market driven healthcare coverage. I would not put it past him do have done just that. All speculation, I know but that is how I see it.

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