Why don't 2.4 ghz devices interfere and why can't you just connect them to your phone?

You have to understand that Bluetooth, Internet, etc are protocols... rules that devices follow/languages they speak. If I want to make a wifi router, it has to meet the TCP/IP(internet protocol), and probably countless other protocols to become a functional wifi router. The same goes for your phone, mouse, headset, etc.

I can throw together a device that emits 2.4ghz, but for that 2.4ghz signal to be meaningful, there has to be a device that understands what it's saying, which is why we have protocols.

It's like human language. I can't just go to Germany and start living there because I don't know the language...I can scream as loud as I want and no one will understand me.

For your situation, realize that the mouse/headset manufacturers chose to write their own secret language used only by their devices.

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