Don't Allow Your Low Self-Confidence to Inhibit You

I truly resonate with all that you've written. Thanks for putting these words out there for us to read. Such an important message to hear.

Growing up, I was often compared to my siblings by the people around me. I can't recall the number of times I've been asked why I'm wasn't as capable as I should be, given I share the same genes with my siblings. My goals and dreams were dismissed, "Maybe your sibling would be able to, but not you. You're not smart enough." These comments, or rather experiences, ate away at my self-esteem, and I came to believe I was useless and that I would never amount to much.

I'm now in college and decided to opt for a "hard" major, one that I'm interested in. While I'm actually struggling with my classes, I know if I persevere, I will graduate and be proud that I kept going. I'm still battling my low self-confidence so I appreciate your story as a reminder that it is possible to emerge victorious. Thank you again for writing this ❤️

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