I don't see the appeal in TRP.

TRP is for Men that are just waking up to the lies they've been told their entire lives: that the hot girls are perfect little angels that can do no wrong, when they're actually more like Shelly Marsh from South Park underneath all the makeup and revealing clothing. The guidelines are there to teach them what to do about that.

TRP is a gateway drug. A good drug, but a gateway drug nonetheless.

They don't want the truth revisited and hammered into their heads because "we know already." Check out my latest comment there for some laughs. Seems you and I could relate in the looks department and they hate us for that. I've also got money and had enough of a taste of being high status and the wisdom to know to stay the fuck out of the limelight.

They are right in thinking it's a numbers game for them because they typically don't have much going for them. They're short, fat, lazy, ugly, or have some other hurdle that they need to overcome so they make up for it with game to get over social anxiety and depression. And bravo to them for doing that. It's about time they did.

It's very tough being in that position, so I have a little sympathy. I was very unattractive when I was younger. But I've talked to guys on there that have it much worse than I ever did. And they never want to hear or accept the real truth, which is that girls really aren't that great and when you get them you'll often wish you hadn't.

They overlook a lot of basic red pill fundamentals, like:

  1. The juice isn't worth the squeeze.
  2. Pussy is replaceable ... with other, more rewarding things.
  3. Rejecting her is the ONLY way to make her tingle.
  4. Treat a ho like a princess / a princess like a ho + all girls are prostitutes + never try to turn a ho into a housewife = girls are nothing but wet fuckholes, period.
  5. Nobody gives a fuck about anything but themselves, if that.
  6. Life is not fair. It's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game. And it's only cheating if you get caught.
  7. For the love of Shit, stop caring about girls.

Basically it all boils down to one thing: she's not Princess Peach, she's Bowser and so am I. But I'm a better Bowser.

I've tried to help over the past 2 years under a number of different accounts, and at this point I'm pretty much done. The problem is, they don't really want to be helped. They can't seem to shake this fantasy where everybody wins. But the truth is there's always going to be losers and it will very likely be a LARGE percentage of Millennials because the damage is already done, the game is already over, and Gen X won.

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