Don't believe the praise, Anthem is subpar, and not worth the 60 dollars.

"Hype men" and hopefuls are uniting HARD to keep this subpar bugfest alive.

It's wasn't on VGChartz top 25 pre orders or best sellers.

It's not selling well.

It is riddled and I mean RIDDLED with bugs

Where are the cosmetics? Legit where are they? Theres 2 skins and a few shaders you can buy. Where's the rest? Point me in the direction of the aesthetics in the game? There aren't any

Where is the content?

Heart of Rage as a recycled Stronghold (Nice laziness on that Bioware)

Every NPC is some witty 1-liner character from a Marvel/Hollywood movie is NOT good storytelling. Legit every NPC is exactly the same. If I hear 1 more goofy non-creative uninspired 1-liner I'm going to make a Youtube video about it. THEY EVEN GAVE THIS PERSONALITY TO THE MAIN CHARACTER? HOW??? How is literally every character have the exact same personality? I am absolutely baffled


Endgame is bad. Let's farm 2 chests are the beginning of this extremely boring otherwise strike and quit the game and farm 12-15 items every 20 minutes with the boss completely ignorable and skippable! AWESOME

You fall faster than you can fly downwards. But hey Bioware had to make that tree 4k was more important apparently

The game has been downgraded to the point where that legendary that they showed off Janna's Revenge or whatever it is? ISNT EVEN IN THE GAME LUL

Fort Tarsis is a tedious joke. Walking is slow and cringe. Is everybody in this place a monk? The silence when walking through this area is laughable. Where's the chatter? Where's... ANYTHING?

The Hangar. Another complete joke. No NPCS, no vendors, no contract board. NOTHING LMFAO

"Please look forward to it", "It's coming soon", "We are working on it". Just stop Bioware. How did this game (if you can even call it that) get released in this state? How did you guys sitting at a table altogether say "Alright boys! This game is ready for the public!" Who gave the green light for that?

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