This. I don't know why, but it pleases me.

yes it is.

As for rule 1, I'll admit, I missed that, I skim-read, saw 'no memes' and continued on.

However I'm gonna leave it here until mods do it, because, and I can't emphasise this enough:

You aren't anybody, and I am under no obligation to acquiesce to you. You are not a mod, you are not in control of this place, you have no authority here at all. You are just someone who browses this sub and has appointed themself the sub's personal stasi agent. Rules are rules and I have broken one of them by being satisfied by numerical repetition, and you take enough issue with that to argue on the internet about a screenshot posted to a sub that has nothing to do with you, does not care about you, and would still be the same sub whether you were here - nae, whether you existed or not.

Long-short, if mods remove it, they remove it. Meh. You however, are just a dick.

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