Don't buy your drugs alone.

You do realize you put cocaine dealers on par with bartenders and doctors, right? That's ludicrous. " " I grew up in a huge country family, and it is full of life time cocaine/crack/heroine addicts as well as plenty of hardened alcoholics. I have seen the lifestyles, what they do to people, and what they make people do. I have also met more than my comfortable number of dealers. So I think what I have to say has at least some merit, but what I say is all from what I have seen and heard and lived through. I would have a difficult time calling a dealer of these types of drugs any type of respectable or morally sound. I, personally, think everything having to do with cocaine/crack/heroine is wrong and using/selling them only leads to more wrong. I have never, ever, heard or seen any good on the most miniscule scale come from them. They are incomparable to alcohol and medicines. " " I have to conclude your over-defensive stance is due to one of these things: 1) You are mistakenly interpreting the word 'drug' to weed and fervently defending it by comparing it to alcohol/medicine and pointing out flaws with the law (common arguments I have heard my pothead friends use against anti-pot people). I understand that weed is an entirely separate argument. This is about cocaine/crack/heroine...COMPLETELY different ball park. 2) You were bored and decided to troll. 3) You have involved yourself with cocaine/crack/heroine in some way and think of them as 'normal' and necessary as alcohol and prescription medicine...if that is the case I highly urge you to seek help. And I type that earnestly, not in any kind of demeaning way. That life leads to nothing but betrayal, disease, and a slow death. " " Lets put aside the fact these drugs are illegal and that the simple fact that illegal activity naturally breeds bad company because I can (and would) easily argue that not all illegal things equate bad people. I am not saying "Well the law says _________ and we gotta do what the law says 'cause it's the law from the government." No. It's just that certain (certain, not all) illegal activities attract certain types of people, most of which I would never want to be alone with. That is all. Trust and obedience to the government has nothing to do with it. Just common sense " " Cocaine/crack/heroine are made with extremely toxic chemicals; a single use dosage has levels of toxicity that would take ridiculous amounts of prescriptions and alcohol to equate. Overdose is entirely too easy with the former as the latter would take some serious effort to do. Much more deadly in every possible way. That comparison is invalid. " " Cocaine/crack/heroine are all made to be extremely addictive and damaging immediately. Physically addictive the first go. Alcohol/prescription dependency begin moderately, one usage does not effect the user long-term. Then they start to offer an emotional addiction which is a completely controlled choice the user makes themselves to continue, and then much...much later...years and a seemingly impossible quantity of it when the physical addiction occurs. Again the comparison is invalid. " " Dealers, going in understanding what these drugs do to people and the life that will follow...thievery, deceit, homelessness, possible death, murder, child rape, human trafficking...want people addicted to it. I have numerous stories from the addicts themselves of how dealers will trick and sneak and pressure people into it. Doctors and bartenders do not want addiction. If there are signs of addiction, doctors and bartenders refuse service because they care about the well being of patrons and of others. If any dealer really did care about the health of their clientele or people at all...well they wouldn't be dealers honestly. " " Dealers are in it for the money. Period. When it comes down to A or B the money is the bottom line. They have killed, raped, sold, and kidnapped an uncountable number of times over drug related incidents alone. Doctors prescribe medicine because they want to heal their patients, make them healthier. When used correctly, medicine is curative...cocaine/crack/heroine only make people sick. " " If you don't pay a dealer for your will almost assuredly die. What happens if you skip out on a bar tab? " " I am sorry this offends you so much...but after all I have seen result from these drugs and the people around them, until I meet one in person I simply cannot imagine any cocaine dealer caring a speck for their customers' well being or any person that their customer comes in contact with.

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