Don't eat at the Burbank Chick-Fil-A (Covid-19 related)

The amount of money they donated almost a decade to religious groups is negligible (maybe $3 million) compared to what the Koch Bros do and the latter are far harder to avoid. Are you using Brawny paper towels? Angel Soft or Quilted Northern? That's just one part of one subsidiary business. It looks like Chik-fil-A cut their ties w/ Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Salvation Army and are supporting Covenant House now.

Not saying that you shouldn't vote with your conscience with your dollars but the issue made a bit of a mountain out of a mole hill and is the type of fight Fox News uses to continue to division in the country. It's good that the information came out and people were able to make their own decisions but the Chik-fil-A donations were mere pennies compared to other 'bad actors' and other dark money flowing around. Luckily, it seems they've at least nominally changed their behavior.

Hell, Ellen earned $87.5 million in a year, she could personally counter any other money they put up. Even worse, you have tangential organizations to LGTBQ+ issues like AHF spending $4.6 million on condom propositions or $5.5 million so that they don't have a high-rise apartment blocking the executives office view (Measure S).

I say this as someone that rarely eats there, doesn't shop at Lassen's because it's crowded and expensive, but thinks given the times we should put all these fights into some sort of context. If you want to be mad right now, maybe look at the small business money religious groups are getting - these are organizations that could be anti-whatever your believe your rights are, don't pay taxes, but are getting your and your children's future tax money. Be angry that this specific franchise hasn't closed down or done something about the workers.

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