You don't end racism by pushing more racism, telling kids all white people are racist and all black people are oppressed. You end racism by ending slavery and segregation and then teaching the true history but working to forget race completely so we never think about it again eventually

I would go for empowerment (money, cash, guns, housing)

With every decisions going on behind the scenes being even worse(once again historically Tuskegee, surveillance of 1 billion Muslims in 08 even more now, surveillance of MLK/Malcolm X and Einstein all assassinated by the intelligence community playing pretend like the surveillance had nothing to do with it. They poisoned them, rammed them, electronically harassed them particularly before rallies and meetings and then put a bullet in their head while the general populace watched cartoons and the populace getting murdered cried they said we are a society of reason and logic speak coherently in full sentences you must be on drugs or something).

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