I don't even know what to say...

I don't know what nail you stepped on but keep in mind you know fuck all about me and still spout that crap. It's doubtful you know much about the situation either.

Yes, the average temperature is rising. This has been happening since the ice age. In a thousand years or so it may go down again. As a byproduct, ocean related storms and thunder storms increase. This is natural, and the rate of increase is barely noticable except in frequent stormy areas.

My access to water has nothing to do with anything. If I didn't find water one way, I'd find it in another. My circumstances have literally nothing to do with my reasoning ability. In fact, you seem to be complaining about things that may only affect your life. That is not a very unbiased view.

Because of people like me you're all going to die? Why? Because I say that cows have farted for millions of years and have not ever affected the climate? What would you have me do with my life other than agree with you for your self satisfaction? This is simply change. People are always dying, and no person can stop death in its entirety. Why do I care about your bad luck if you're hit by a storm? The climate has already changed, regardless what the cause was.

So please keep in mind that whining is often worse than saying nothing. You want me to change my mind so badly, show me something real. Give me links to all these deaths and prove how I participated in the killing.

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