"Don't Be Evil, Unless It's Worth Untold New Riches": Whistleblower Reveals Google Plan to Launch Censored Search Engine in China. "If Google goes through with this, effectively normalizing & Americanizing authoritarian censorship, this will be Waterloo in global battle for free internet as norm

They're talking about profiling your queries. You can use something like Tails and take care of what the browser sends to websites, but you will still be profiled by your searches. Google can look at the type of people who usually make the search you just did, and attempt to profile you. For example, if I search "Javascript tutorials" they know that I'm interested in learning about building websites. This is not very useful on it's own, but they can still build a generic profile and look at the average age of the people who search for this. By giving them more data, they can continue to narrow it down. This is why it's important to change your browsing habits when you are attempting to stay anonymous.

I do agree that you don't have to be a "Google engineer", I think they were a bit overly dramatic with that... we can generally figure out what Google learns about us by analyzing what we search (we may not have accurate information, but we can still make guesses).

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