I don't have a fear of rejection, I have a fear of acception

Yes, this is basically the only part of SA that I haven't been able to improve upon. I made a lot of progress with everything else, but dating, for some reason, scares the shit out of me.

And everyone thinks it's because of fear of rejection. Nope, it's fear of people actually saying "yes". Because if they say no, I can pat myself on the back and say "hey I tried" and be done with it, but if they say yes, I actually have to put myself out there and be vulnerable. Worse if the date goes well and they want to see me again. Then that voice starts creeping up. The one that says: "It won't take long till they realize you're not as fun/attractive/good in bed/whatever as they think you are and it'll all come crashing down."

I've jumped out of airplanes, survived car crashes, got trampled by a horse, but nothing scares me like dating does.

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