I don't feel represented here.

I feel this too. Thank you for making this post, because these types of posts make me feel like my situation is hopeless. I honestly feel like there should be 2 separate subs - one for lower earners and one for higher earners.

I’m fall more into a median level income I think — I make just under 60k in a high COL city. I am 34. I spent most of my 20s struggling - I had to drop out of school because of serious personal issues, worked shitty low wage jobs, was homeless for a short time, went back to school, and got my first career job at 29 with a shitty 30k salary. It took me a long time to move up from there. I’m happy for others who have had an easier path and make more than I do, but I’d appreciate it more if I could hear from people who get what it’s like for everyone else too

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