I don't know how to be angry

Im very indirectly aggressive. Ill come back later to dish out my anger. Never in the moment, no one will know im angry. No one can see that im angry. Its not until later things start to go wrong for them. I like yo manufacture or engineer my point in a way to fit their transgression. For instance a friend of mine was full of shit and shit talking about me. So I baked a lovely bun laced with laxatives. My ex cheated on me and behaved like a batch in heat so I made her dinner with my poodle dog meat. A neighbour sexually assaulted a close relative with his hands so I tampered with his tools so it went wrong damaging and breaking bones in his hands. Someone stole my money so I sold him hard class A drugs and tipped the police off and he is now serving a 10 year sentence.

The thing is I appear very meek and soft. I am. But behind my soft smile is the devil no one wants to compete with. I cannot get angry or show it. However, I will come back later with a plan.

I've done worse things. I shan't reveal because of legal implications. Sad thing is my revenge is so covert, many dont even know they've been dished and continue or I had enough or get bored or they catch on that im the one behind their misfortune.

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