I dont know if I should finish a 15-years friendship. Help

Did he ever took medication for his depression? He probably should be on it, and get a job.

How can he change his behavior? He already talked about suicide, so he is at the point of giving zero fucks about anything besides playing the victim and being entitled to something he doesn’t put the energy into it.

Depression medication won’t help him much. Only because it will mellow him, but won’t fix his entitlement situation.

There’s a good solution for it, if his up to it. Now comes the controversial part:

A full on trip of lsd (in Spain you can easily order 1plsd) 2 tabs. Get him to steam in his own head and hope that he will see his life from another point of view.

One time trip, nothing more. And he needs to be watched during and in the following days, talk about how it went and what his options are for future.

Of course it’s not your problem. And by the looks of it he became an asshole. And if he is affecting your levels of stress, and trying to emotionally manipulate you. A good idea it’s to cut ties. And let him deal with whatever he thinks it’s going against him.

Buena suerte. Eres una buena amiga, pero hay limites para todo. Creo yo.

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