I don't want to have kids because it looks too hard. Anyone else feel this?

I have two children and confirm it is really hard, but what gets me through is the fact I really wanted them. I got to fulfil my dream as a mum and each month/year will probably get easier.

Being a parent is a 24/7 job and something you really have to want to do. You need to think if it's truly right for you? weigh up the pros and cons. Is it something you will regret doing? or regret not doing? Will you get to 46 and wish you had done it?

Either way, don't feel under pressure to have children if you dont want them and vice versa. My brother in law has absolutely no regrets being child free, he gets to travel and has worked his way up at work, he is also debt free. My friend on the other hand has regretted it now she is approaching 50

Maybe try doing a bit of soul searching, but dont put yourself under any pressure until you are 100% sure

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