"Why don't you know the law?" One is part of "the law" the other is the bible.

You’re hella smarter than all the dudes I know who went on to be cops.

My ex just finished in Odessa. He was regarded as one of the “good ol boys” in our unit, typical angry “short man syndrome” with an affinity for roughing up girls... A few others from same unit who couldn’t even finish “leading marines”... Others who were consistently getting 6105/NJP and are now cops in DC...

High stress environment is super important to the training but I don’t think it should come until after they are “book educated”.... Go to college at your choice school and get CJ/police(whatever they name it) degree, then move to whatever area you want to apply and go to their academy.... I may be too optimistic as far as how the education system can help police, but whatevs.

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