I don't want to leave my faith, but I don't think I have a choice.

Christianity is 2000 years old,Humanity has been evolving for 100,000 years. Before the Christian god, there was the Roman and Egyptian gods, and the Greek Gods. And way way back there were tribes to worshipped the sun as god. The need to attribute everything to something has been with humans since day one, you’re not alone in your thinking.

I came to my own conclusion through the evidence science has provided us that; GOD, as religions seemingly have portrayed him to be, is most likely completely different to the True God. The actual creator of this universe. If there is one.

I take peace knowing that, science has disproved what most of Christianity has to say and in doing so the Christian God as described in the Bible mustn’t be the True God. Doesn’t mean there isn’t a God at all, rather a God that doesn’t fit our perception or understanding of what God is. If that makes any sense?

I think there’s theory’s about how “God” and science as we know it fits together. Try to take leave knowing that, everyone’s truly in the same boat. No one truly knows what’s going on. Lol

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