Don't Let Industry Ruin Music!

Lack of original music I would say is “ruining music”, or whatever that means. It’s just hard to connect with a lot of it when you’ve heard the same qualities a ton. I love singer/songwriter formula stuff, but why listen to contemporary artists circle the same cliches when I can just keep listening to Elliott Smith or Townes Van Zandt?

For example, everyone who posts tunes and whatnot here, they almost always sound great, but it also almost always sound like well travelled territory. It Is a tough game, and I think it buries truly exceptional artists

I can kind of sum up my thoughts with this: there was a post a few days ago where this guy had a timeline, blue sky, tascam 4 track, beauty modular rack, and some other cool gadgets... and he shows us making some generic trap beat. Like, that’s great if it’s for you, but I don’t feel sorry that those people aren’t making waves, because really they are just tipping their toes in. There’s no risk. A lot of artists talk risks, but that doesn’t mean using synths on your next record lol

I think we’re gonna see a resurgence in more artists who improvise live. Not like Phish though, way more interesting. That’s how you gotta make your money really. Just spitballing here, I’m no risk taker

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