Why we don't like "strong, independent women", and why they'll be awful mothers

I appreciate your advice and you are correct...my wife does like to achieve goals...but as a modern day suffragette with a half baked feminist ideology she has purposely dedicated herself to NOT making me, her husband, a focus in her life.

Her original goal wasn't to get married...it was to have kids. This is important as it reveals what the bitches are looking for in a relationship...does she answer...I want to get married and have a husband or does she say she wants to have kids first! Take note...this is a great little test for your new LTR.

I was never a project for her because I came from the beta school and was like her dad (who was a cowboy but also the king of the betas!) and up until her dad's death I unconsciously subscribed to the purple pill philosophy. After watching her dad die and get totally and absolutely screwed by his beta philosophy and by his second wife (which he allowed with his beta philosophy) I have turned around and I am determined to shed myself of this beta bullshit even if it kills me or ruins my marriage. But all in time...my kids are not going to pay for my mistakes by me having an epiphany and running off with the pool girl, you know, the kinda things that women do when they are tired of the marriage.

The day will come when Dread must be applied but I have to be ready and willing to move the fuck on and I am not ready right now. I have a small daughter who I will not abandon to pursue my "happiness" with another woman who will treat me right, nor will I make a choice that will inevitably force a "step-father" on her. But once she has gotten a little older and I have stepped my game up to be where it should be...making more money and increased SMV...then it will be time to demonstrate that I am not willing to live the rest of my life like this with a woman who puts me on the bottom of the list of priorities...and I will be prepared to follow through...because Dread only works when there is attraction, and right now I think she would say out of feminist stubbornness, "go ahead" and that is not an option because of my daughter.

Thanks again though. Your advice indicates to me that I am on the right track.

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