Don't miss your chance France. If it were up to me, we'd covertly arm you against your tyrannical government... the same way you did for us in 1776.

This is going to be a controversial opinion here, but I don't think the French should go out and start violent riots because they don't like the person in power. That is literally the same thing groups like ANTIFA are doing, for the same reasons in their head. Violent riots contribute nothing and only serve to make your organization or political faction suffer. If we're going to be against groups like ANTIFA trying to start violence in the streets, I don't think "arming the French to take out Macron" is a good stance to take.

Yes, I agree with the yellow vests. The French economy and people are suffering for so many reasons brought on by the extremely left-leaning government and unchecked immigration. I just think that if they riot, they will lose in the long run, just like the left is in America now.

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