I don't need anyone's permission to move on

I have a question bc I am on opposite end. I posted about this too. How would you like the other person to deal with sexual anxiety? I met someone who has bipolar on anti- depressants. When he is manic- he is very assertive and sexual so I didn't expect how shy he would be in bed.

When we finally had sex he was so nervous! I tried to pretend that everything is fine to not make him more self- conscious. But it wasn't working- I jokingly said- just breathe- I know I am amazing looking - because if I didn't address it would make it seem like I don't care so much that I don't see how nervous he is. Then I realized- no it's not going to work. So I hugged him tightly, kissed him until he calmed down. Before he said his meds make it hard for him to get erection and I said that's ok- I think that's not gonna be a problem bc I look very very sexy- he laughed on how sure of myself I was. And he got one as soon as he saw me so I kind of was right!

I just don't know how to approach the whole situation. He didn't last very long and while I had great time and told him so, I think he became self-conscious. He knows I still find him incredibly sexy and ready to go anytime but he has been very shy about the whole thing. How can I make him believe that I love him and I really enjoy spending time together? How can I approach this anxiety? He is my dream guy, I really can't live without him.

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